Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) imposes new Cricket Laws

Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) has imposed several set of rules which will be implemented from 01. October 2022.

No Saliva - Law 41.3

Applying saliva to the ball was temporarily banned from 2020 onwards with the spread of COVID. However, applying saliva to the ball has been permanently banned according to new rules.

Using saliva will be treated the same way as any other unfair methods of changing the condition of the ball. Players are allowed to use sweat to polish the ball.

Batters returning when caught - Law 18

According to new rules, when a batter is caught, the new incoming batsman should be the striker and face the next ball.

Non-striker Run-outs - Law 38.3

The law of running out the non-striker has been moved to Law 38 from Law 41

Replacement players - Law 1

Replacements are to be treated as if they were the player they replaced, inheriting any sanctions or dismissals that player has done in that match.

Judging a Wide - Law 22.1

According to the law of 22.1, a wide delivery will apply where the batter is standing, where the striker has stood at any point since the bowler began their run-up, and which would also have passed wide of the striker in a normal batting position.

Dead ball - Law

If a dead ball is occured due to an animal, by a person, pitch invader or other objects and if it has a material impact on the game, the umpires will call and signal as a "Dead ball".

Striker's right to play the ball - Law 25.8

If the ball should land away from the pitch, the new law 25.8 allows the striker to play the ball so long as some part of their bat or person remains within the pitch.

Should they venture beyond that, the umpire will call and signal Dead ball. As recompense to the batter, any ball which should force them to leave the pitch will also be called No ball.

Bowler throwing towards striker's end before delivery - Law 21.4

If a bowler throws the ball in an attempt to run-out the striker before entering their delivery stride, it will now be a Dead ball. This is an extremely rare scenario.

Unfair movement by the fielding side - Law 27.4 & 28.6

Until now, any member of the fielding side who moved unfairly, was punished only with a "Dead ball". According to new rule, batting side will be awarded with 5 penalty runs.

"It is important that we announce these changes now as part of the Club's global commitment to the game, giving officials from all over the world the chance to learn under the new Code ahead of the Laws coming into force in October" - Fraser Stewart (MCC Laws Manager).


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